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In the last couple of blogs, I have recalled moments when my carelessness has imperiled what I believe to be my secret persona. I mused about keeping a list of the incidents as they either occur or come back to mind. I think this might be the place. Here’s the challenge to my readers – you can all tell me when I’m fooling myself by believing that I still have a secret –

  1. the high heels and nylons hidden in a shoebox. the box disappeared during a spring cleaning without anyone ever mentioning the contents or asking whose they were [this is a biggy but from years ago]
  2. forgetting to take mascara off before every-one gets home [twice, once years ago and just recently]
  3. my man-bag which I rarely go out without
  4. my nails, which are long enough for a decent French what-ever if I could keep them from chipping and splitting
  5. 2011 January – picking up my son at school while wearing make-up (light), him commenting when he got into the car; Have you got something on your lips? Response; yeah, balm. Him; it sure is pink.
  6. 2011 January –  my wife; look at the length of your nails. are you trying to be a girl? Response; yeah, they are kinda long.

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