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April 19, 2010

Clothing double standard

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One of the most irritating issues for a crossdresser like me, and I don’t think I’m entitled to speak for the community, is the obvious double standard that exists in clothing styles and use. A woman can wear jeans and a t-shirt to dress casually and it is no longer a social issue. Although it was when I went to school; pants weren’t allowed for girls then. Women can wear leggings and sloppy shoes on a dress-down day. Women can wear pants and a top to work or they can wear an expensive tailored pant suit. Men can wear most of these things, with the exception of leggings.

But men can’t wear skirts or dresses to work and expect to be taken seriously. I would hazard a guess that a man wearing a skirt to work might even imperil his very job. Women argue that their move into pants is one of convenience, pants are far more comfortable to wear than a skirt. There is much less attention required of pants than a skirt, particularly when sitting, or getting in and out of a vehicle. So let’s accept that as a valid argument; for the purpose of convenience and comfort, women should be able to wear pants to work.

However when they choose to dress up, women have the option of a dress or a skirt, with or without nylons and with or without heels. Men don’t, for them it is the suit or the jeans.

If a man thinks he is can be more attractive or better dressed in a skirt, nylons and heels, why shouldn’t he be able to wear them without being publicly scorned. The selection of styles and materials in women’s clothing is so much greater than it is for men. Inevitably when I shop for clothes, i┬áspend more time in the women’s section than in the men’s even when I’m looking for men’s clothing. it is just so boring.

So why does society suggest that I’m flawed if as a man I want to wear women’s clothing?


April 16, 2010

Just another crossdresser

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Hello to any that may find their way here. My persona is Sarah Michelle Janus. She is the female personality that I prefer to be when I have the opportunity. I have tried to write and maintain blogs in the past but they have always petered out before long because I could never be honest in them. All I could ever do is continue the same charade that I live.

Here I intend to give voice to the other side of me and through that voice grant myself a chance to be honest and hopefully cathartic. I participate in the discussions that are hosted on and those have proven to be of great help. They have shown me that I am not alone. They have shown me that others have suffered exactly the same fears and concerns that I have. But the discussions are not the place for long introspective ramblings. I hope that this blog is.

Sarah M..,

Hello world!

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