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November 24, 2010

This is just a girl day

24 Nov 2010

I’m wearing the new jeans with a loose top  and a pair of slip-on flats. I’m about to write about it and post it on the web. I’ve become “a plastic”. I’m not sure if my household coined the term or if we picked it up from the movie “Mean Girls”. The “plastics” were the girls who were obsessed with their appearance to the exclusion of everything-else, and unfortunately, to the exclusion of everyone-else as well. They were devoid of meaningful relationships and couldn’t have conversations that weren’t about clothes, nails, fashion or socially acceptable boyfriends.

So, to the extent that clothes and appearance have become important to me in my opportunistic transformation to my feminine personality, I have become a “plastic”. Typing, by the way, is becoming more difficult because my nails are all long (about ¼”) and squared off. If I had the opportunity, I would buy one of the French tips pencils and paint them. I think they would look divine. I love to look at them as it is. If they were painted they would be a distraction all day long. My face is moisturized but without make-up because I have to go out shortly. I was going to put on a touch of mascara and lip-stain but since I’m going to “the office” later I decided against it. The lip-stain is amazing. I put it on in the morning with the gloss coat and its there all day. It doesn’t seem to rub off onto cups as the old lip-sticks did and it doesn’t seem to blur even without a pencil line.

The jeans are Hilfiger, classic rise, boot cut. The old boot cut that I remember, my choice as a male for pulling on over boots for motorcycling, were simply not narrow at the bottom. These boot cuts are definitely a flare. It’s obvious in the mirror and when I look down to the patent flats. It doesn’t matter though because I like the flare. The jeans are a 12. Most of my skirts are 12/14 and getting loose because I’ve been losing weight slowly but steadily over the past year. It’s nothing alarming, just the result of better eating, less eating and ‘way more exercise. I’m actually thinking that I need to take the jeans back and get a 10. These are a bit on the loose side for me.

When I was working, and occasionally wore jeans to work, (I’m talking a lifetime ago, two decades) I would be razzed by one of my co-workers. He would accuse me of being gay or of wearing women’s jeans because mine were so tight. I never thought anything of it at the time. I was fit, fighting fit, (trying to keep my weight under 175lbs for martial arts) and the jeans were comfortable. Now I look back and wonder, if my sub-conscious was influencing me even then. Given my love of sheath dresses and leggings, I definitely like tight clothes. Being over 50 though, I’m not as fit. I wonder now, how I could have let myself get to the weight I peaked at, (220 lbs) from my competitive weight of 170 to 175 lbs. I’m back down now to 190 and wondering if I should be trying to drop lower. If I do, most of the clothes that I have will hang loose or need to be taken in, but they may look better on a slimmer frame.

How “plastic” can I get?

I’d love to be able to go out this morning and do all my errands as my feminine self. The jeans are comfortable. The nylons help with the tuck. The patents peek out ever so nicely under the flare. The top is loose and a cowl neck so it shows the forms without being clingy. I’d have to do hair and make-up but it would be worth the time and effort just to be able to go out as I want to.

I am very happy today, exhilarated actually. I’m probably a huge pain in the arse to anyone taking the time to read this. Sorry, but today isn’t an introspective day. It’s simply a girl day.


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