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October 18, 2010

Shopping is such fun as a girl

It’s Monday morning, and the beginning of the work week for most. For me, it means the start of a week of opportunities to dress in my most comfortable way. The house is mine this morning and so Sarah is out. Last week was an interesting week in many ways, some of which I will be able to share, some I can’t, unfortunately.

                              Fall has arrived in Canada, and Ontario, so the dresses and nylons that I so enjoy aren’t cutting it anymore for comfort. It’s into the leggings and sweater dresses. Last week my wife went on a shopping binge (literally). Into her favorite clothing store three consecutive days, rested for a few days and returned for a final all-out attack. The all-out attack lasted several hours and I was a part of it.

                              My host doesn’t like shopping, that’s been established. I, on the other hand love it. All I had to do was allow my personality to the forefront while the host presented the physical appearance and we were off to the races. I scoured the racks for items for her to try on. I hung tops with skirts to see how they looked. I tried combinations so that she could get as much mileage out of each item as possible. It was glorious. Of course, through the whole thing, I was looking through the racks for things I liked in my size. My wife does most of her clothes shopping in one or two stores. I try to stay out of those stores because we are both recognized by the staff and they all know her sizes so anything I buy for me would scream out to them and cause me grief.

                              In what appeared to be a fortunate twist of circumstances, there was a specific item she wanted that wasn’t available in her size. It was available at a location outside our normal travels and close to where I had to be for a legitimate purpose. I offered to pick it up there in the course of my day. It seems wrong to score points for being considerate when the favor is actually self-serving, so I don’t collect these little deceptions in my “good” list. I went into the distant store, found the item and purchased it. Then I shopped for me, quickly picking the items that I had already spent so much time reviewing earlier. The only faux pas occurred at the check-out and I didn’t realize it until later; the clerk, who rang up my wife’s blouse, did so under her customer loyalty number for the points. The same clerk rang up my purchases, and put the points onto my wife’s number.

                              I was driving home when it occurred to me what had happened, so I had to pull both receipts and look at them. Sure enough, my wife is getting points for my purchases. I can only hope she doesn’t pay any attention to the individual entries, and of course (t.i.c.) that she makes good use of the points. Now, I’m thinking that I need to have these cards in my name for my own points, especially the Shoppers Optimum card, because they are always asking me when I check out there. Honestly I’m sure the risk out-weighs the benefit but it certainly is something to do if I ever end up out about who I am.


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  1. Hi Sarah
    I like the fact that you wne tout shopping with your wife, just a shame you were not doing it together *shopping that is!).

    I’m sure your wife will enjoy the points but not be aware of where they come from, but if like me you like to shops at M&S (or in your case, the equivalent in Canada), you must get your own card, so that you have an excuse to shop there often!!

    Hugs Tina xx

    Comment by TinaCortina — October 21, 2010 @ 5:54 pm

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