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October 8, 2010

A word from the host

Good morning, I am the individual that Sarah refers to as “the host”. There is a complexity behind the title but for the purposes of this narrative, it gives me a measure of anonymity that I still require. In my profiles I have written that I am retired but that doesn’t mean that I’m sitting home watching the grass grow, or (being Canada) watching the snowdrifts grow. Like so many civil servants, the combination of the Internet and economic restraint has provided an opportunity for me to work from home for my former employer on a contract as-needed basis. This provides a very nice stipend that allows for indulgences that otherwise might not come so quickly.

That said; I don’t get paid for doing nothing. Tongue-in-cheek, if I wanted that I would have had to stay on staff. I get paid for piece-work. If nothing is produced, I don’t get paid, simple.

Sarah said yesterday that, in the beginning she would do the work for me and that was both helpful and interesting. She does work in a slightly different style than I do. Without getting into the psychology of cross-dressing and transvestism, (Side-note; I have to get rid of the Christian fundamentalist dictionary that M.S. runs with Word, it won’t recognize words like transvestism) she is a better conversationalist, more attuned to the people I talk to, more likely to respond with an emotion based comment, so she not only does the work but she adds to it, giving a better end-product.

Lately Sarah has been at the fore-front more than she has been in the back-ground. She has also been establishing herself as an individual. She spends time on the Forum and she writes these blogs. Last night we struggled to stay focused when I was trying to work on assignments that had nothing to do with her. She wanted to go to the Internet and explore sites, shop online for shoes or clothes. All this after she shopped successfully in the last couple of days. She bought two more pair of shoes yesterday. She’s up to about 9 pair now.

I was trying to hold her to a couple of hours a day. The rest of the time was mine to do all of the things I’m expected to do. Where she would help me with those things in the past, she no longer does. She isn’t interested in work, house-keeping or cooking. I know that a lot of cross-dressers write about establishing boundaries for their habits/practices. Some are successful, some aren’t. At the moment I’m not. Even in the struggle for time and work, I shift from my work to writing a blog for her. She wins again.

Now maybe I can get back to my work.


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  1. Very recognizable. As Felicity I also find it very hard to do my chores and such. Then again, I have very limited time as her so of course I want to spend that time doing things that she likes such a blogging, make up, making videos, reading magazines and such. But then of course the dishes need doing as well : (.


    Comment by Felicity — October 8, 2010 @ 11:16 am

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