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October 7, 2010

Want your pity, share my pleasure

                              I need your pity and I’ll share my pleasure. Pity first; this morning I wanted to try on something new so I grabbed a bra, the forms and panties. I tried on the something new and was putting everything back when … I reached back into the closet to return the storage container (I’m a closet crossdresser) that holds my bras and panties. I was hurrying because I always let my own intensity wind me up too much. As I wrestled the container I was leaning forward and over-extended for my arms, (hindsight is wonderful, and if I could go backwards my life would be perfect). The result was a twinge in my lower back which quickly became a pain. I ended up on my knees, doubled up for about 5 minutes or so until I could get back to my feet. Thankfully I have a dentist who over-prescribes pain medication which I keep for moments of intense stupidity like this. I’m sitting here, carefully placed on my desk chair, bum to the back of the chair, back fully pressed against the chair, feet flat on the floor. I’m moving in and out of the chair very carefully, and walking about the house like someone who should be in a home. Pity me, I’m in pain.

                              The pleasure on the other hand is; a new bra, (black demi with lace edges) which is a beautiful thing to behold when it is on and the forms are in, and a new dress from Smart Set. I just bought the dress last night. There is a “Big Box” plaza that I go to frequently for the restaurants. There is a string of shops, La Senza, Reitman’s, Smart Set, Mexx and Addition-Elle, which have been a successful shopping territory for me. This morning I rushed for the clothes as soon as I could and tried on the dress. It’s an Empire line which is not my favorite because it doesn’t compliment my body shape as well as some others, but … I was quite pleased with the overall look so I think I’ll keep it.

                              Later today I’ll have a chance to do the whole dress process and I’ll make the final decision then.  Share my pleasure at the joy of my two purchases. I just love the way the lace edge of the bra shows ever so slightly above the scoop neck of the dress. It makes me giddy.

                              I’ve got to go now. My host has appointments for the morning but I’ll be back later. Funny thing, once upon a time it used to be a special moment when I got to dress. Now it is just frustrating when I can’t. What’s that line in physics; no two things can occupy the same space at the same time?


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