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July 22, 2010

A new wig

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I bought a wig last week.  I had an opportunity to go into the city so while downtown I took advantage of it and went to WildSide. I didn’t expect to buy anything. I just wanted to look at what was offered. I had glanced at the on-line store but hadn’t taken the time to read the fine print. The lovely lady at the counter politely pointed out that the store wasn’t really set up for browsing and they didn’t encourage it. But, she was kind enough to indulge me. In short order I was looking at the wigs because I thought it was probably the next step in the progression.

What followed was an interesting exchange. I am fast approaching the upper end of middle age. My cross-dressing image is very conservative and (in my mind) age appropriate. The lovely lady wanted me to step out of myself and go for something that made a youthful and exuberant statement. I wanted something close to my natural hair color. We settled on a red-hued mid-length wig with bangs. I loved it on but I felt that my face was old and tired looking under the brightness of the wig. My face fits with my salt and pepper hair. Now I have to work harder at my make-up.

Those who have been reading these entries know what my struggles are for the summer. The wig buying day was a red-letter day for a couple of reasons. First, although I had a work-related appointment in the city, I was fairly sure that I could dress for the drive down, change in a parking lot, make the appointment, change back and drive home dressed. And, that’s what I did. I was dressed in a skirt and top with a pair of sandals. I skipped the make-up because it would have been just too much work for the circumstances. I was dressed in the skirt and top when I shopped for the wig. Once purchased, the wig was on and away I went. I got to drive home dressed, complete with wig. It was exhilarating. I can hardly describe how natural it felt to be dressed as a woman. I so wanted to be able to get out of the truck and go walking about the streets. Unfortunately I am still a caricature of what I want to be.

The situation that I live in restricts how often I can wear the clothes of my choice. But it hasn’t kept me from pushing the borders with make-up. I have been reading the forums and working on getting the eye-shadow and mascara right. Today I had an appointment at a clinic outside of my normal area of travel so I did my eyes and lips and away I went. I was able to sit comfortably in a crowded waiting room without feeling particularly self-conscious. I’m sure that the attending nurse noticed the make-up because she struggled throughout the entire examination to avoid eye contact. It was amusing. More later when my thoughts are more ordered. I’m missing so much because my mind is jumping around in a disordered manner.


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